Web Story 10 Wonderful Quotes of Rumi

If you want the moon do not hide at the night (Rumi Quote with Meaning)

Listen to the silence, it has so much to say (Rumi Quote with Meaning)

Tear off the mask. Your face is glorious (Rumi Quote with Meaning)

All people in the world are children (Rumi Quote with Meaning)

Rumi Quote Meaning (The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore)

Peaceful is the one who's not concerned (Rumi Quote with Meaning)

Rumi Quote with Meaning (With life as short as a half taken breath)

Rumi Quote with Meaning (If you are irritated by every rub)

Rumi Quote with Meaning (Every moment I shape my destiny)

Rumi Quote with Meaning (Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull)

We are born of Love; love is our mother (Rumi Quote with Meaning)