If you want the moon do not hide at the night (Rumi Quote with Meaning)

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"If you want the moon do not hide at the night. If you want a rose do not run from the thorns. If you want love do not hide from yourself." Rumi 

Rumi Quote Meaning - In this quote, Rumi explains that if a person is in search of the moon then he needs to find it at night only because the moon is visible at night. Similarly, if we want a rose then we should be ready for the throne too because they are the part of rose's life. Running from thrones or night will not serve our purpose. Love can also be found inside first but we look for it outside and in others, therefore, we don't get it. The main reason for human problems is that he is finding things in the wrong place and he doesn't want to face the dark sides associated with the things he wants. 

If we want something in life, we should be willing to face the challenges and obstacles that come with it, rather than avoiding or running away from them. 

 The first line, "If you want the moon do not hide at the night," suggests that if we have a lofty goal or aspiration (such as wanting to reach for the stars), we should not be afraid to step out of our comfort zones and face the difficulties that come with pursuing our dreams. It reminds us that the path to achieving our goals may not be easy, but that we must be willing to take risks and face our fears in order to attain what we truly desire. 

 The second line, "If you want a rose do not run from the thorns," similarly implies that if we want something beautiful or worthwhile (such as love or success), we should not be deterred by the challenges or difficulties that we may encounter along the way. Just as the thorns on a rose may prick us as we reach out to grasp it, the pursuit of our desires may require us to face obstacles and setbacks. However, if we remain committed and determined, we can ultimately reach our goals. 

 The third line, "If you want love do not hide from yourself," speaks to the importance of self-awareness and authenticity. It suggests that in order to find love or genuine connection with others, we must first be willing, to be honest with ourselves and embrace our true selves, rather than hiding behind a façade or pretending to be someone we are not. By being true to ourselves and embracing our own vulnerabilities and imperfections, we can ultimately find deeper connections with others. 

 Overall, these lines encourage us to be bold, authentic, and courageous in pursuing our goals and desires, and to embrace the challenges and obstacles that may come along the way. 

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