We are born of Love; love is our mother (Rumi Quote with Meaning)

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We are born of Love; love is our mother.   Rumi

Rumi Quote Meaning - Through this quote, Rumi gives the message that Love is the supreme power of this world. We all have been born from it and it is our mother. Therefore, we should always put love first in life whenever we have an opportunity. Love is not only a powerful force in our lives, but it is also the source of our existence. It implies that love is the nurturing force that brings us into being and sustains us throughout our lives. At a literal level, this phrase could be interpreted as a reference to the love between a mother and child, and the profound bond that exists between them. 

It suggests that the love that a mother feels for her child is a powerful and transformative force that shapes our lives from the very beginning. On a more metaphorical level, this phrase could be seen as a reference to the idea that love is the fundamental force that underlies all of existence. It suggests that the universe itself is imbued with a deep sense of love and compassion and that this love is the source of all life and all creation. 

 In either interpretation, the line "We are born of Love; love is our mother" emphasizes the central importance of love in our lives, and suggests that it is the guiding force that shapes our identity and shapes the world around us. It encourages us to embrace the power of love in all its forms and to recognize the transformative impact that it can have on our lives and on the world as a whole.   

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